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Google UK Certainly the best search engine that we've used.
BBC A mine of information, beautifully presented.
BBC News The best news site on the internet (UK-centric but much better at covering the rest of the world than any other news site, I think).
University of Sussex Ian's University.
Fun, hobbies, interests...
Eddie Izzard's Website Superb comedian.
Fantasy Football League On-line Fantasy Football Game(English Premiership Soccer).
The Raymond Chandler Web Site Site dedicated to the world of Raymond Chandler and his creation, Philip Marlow. Personal note - Marlow is not a Bruce Willis wise-cracking private investigator. He is a frequently-lonely, frequently-scared alcoholic who tries to maintain his principles. Why do so many people get that wrong?
Neal Stephenson's web-site Probably the best "5-minutes-into-the-future" science fiction writer in the English speaking world (including William Gibson). Author of the ludicrously good Snow Crash, the fantastic but flawed "The Diamond Age" and the mega-opus "Cryptonomicon". But is it really his web-site?
Chelsea Football Club Ian's football team and cause of too many miserable Saturday afternoons. Thank heavens we've started to win things !
2000 A.D. Comic The only British comic worth reading.
Scalextric On-line Not actually Scalextric but very similar. Create your own slot-car racetrack and race on-line (Swedish language). DVDs, Music and Video Games A very good UK site for cheap DVD's etc.
Karen Piastunovich Photographs Accomplished photographs by a friend.
Saints Preserve Us The life and times of Southampton Football Club. Another friend's website.
Name Notes
New Model Army A band that refuses to compromise.
The Dandy Warhols A band that refuses to stay sober.
Screenwriting - Home Page Resources for budding scriptwriters.
Internet Magazine Refreshingly hype-free, a lot of very useful information.
Tucows Software downloads.
CNET Download Software downloads.
Writing HTML Excellent tutorials for HTML, giving initial coverage of virtually everything.
IrfanView An excellent multimedia file viewer with basic image manipulation functions. Well worth a download.
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