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Welcome to Ada Cottage

This is the somewhat ancient website of Georgina Fitzpatrick and Ian Scott.
Like many sites from antediluvian dial-up days, this site is no longer actively maintained. Instead, various blogs and photo sites are maintained, links below.

Actively Maintained Blogs and Photo Sites
Those Scott Girls The main Groggy Blog George's Flickr Photos
George's Photo Blog Ian's Flickr Photos George's food related blog

The Old Site's Contents
Links Gallery Ada Cottage Industrious
Wedding Creative Writing Cambridge

Update 12/02/2004: added the Cottage Cam section - see Ada Cottage's frontroom in all its glory, occasionally!

Update: added the Creative Writing section and added some links to George's photos on the Gallery page. The Wedding stuff is very out of date, awaiting an update when we get an hour or seven. George is now blogging, as is her wont.

Why "Ada Cottage" ? Very simply, it is the name of our house, built in 1873 (and showing it). It also turned out to be an appropriate name for us: George selected it as the name for her computing company - a cottage industry - when she started her own business in 1999. "Ada" is the name of a computer programming language, named after Lord Byron's daughter. But you knew that...

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Ada Cottage
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