Ada Cottage Wedding Music

The Wedding of Georgina Fitzpatrick and Ian Scott

Wedding Music
EventArtistTrackFrom the album...
George coming up the aisle to...The Dandy WarholsBohemian Like You (MP3 file 327 Kb) 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia 13 Tales
Signing the register to...The Beta BandB + A (MP3 file 700 Kb) Three EPs 3 EPs
Waltzing down the aisle to...BlurSong 2 (MP3 file 493 Kb) Blur Blur
First dance to....New Model ArmyLiving In The Rose (MP3 file 812 Kb) The Love of Hopeless Causes 3 EPs

Please note that the MP3 files are all short fragments of the tracks in question for reason of prompting peoples memories and advertising the acts that produced them. All are protected by copyright laws. If any lawyer has problems with the fragments being on this website then please drop us an e-mail and they will be removed.

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