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Ian recently underwent a creative writing course with Birkbeck College in London.

The below is the poetry that resulted. The poems are presented more or less chronologically, including some revision versions. Most require some touching up, much like Ian himself.

"Remember all the best poets are remembered for:
  1. being really grumpy
  2. trying to shag everything that moves
  3. being penniless
  4. being drunks
So I think you've got a massive headstart on the rest of the class!"
Johannes Ulph, December 1st 2003

Internal Dialogue The Lakes Old Haunts v1 Old Haunts v2
Newbury 96 v1 In Plain Sight The End of the Affair? Ruthless
Saturday Morning and Friday Night Final Thoughts v1 The Mask The Harvest v1
Assessment Poem - Red Harvest

And below are the short stories. These are all presented in Adobe .PDF format, which shouldn't create too many problems these days. All of the stories were subject to a length constraint, although that frequently proved impossible to respect. They've not been revised since they were presented, although there's planty of scope for it. Always the problems with length...

Short Stories
This story - It's Late - was a characterisation exercise based on a personals advert clipped from Time Out (reproduced at the end of the story).
This story - Aqui viene la novia - was another exercise, based on a particular scenario which I can't disclose without spoiling the story.
This was the assessment story - Stations and Crossings. It was a last ditch effort and even this version was far too long. Two other stories - Hunting Rabbit and Shooting Russians - were earlier efforts with just too many words. I tried re-working the Russians story a couple of times - version 2 is here.

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