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Final Thoughts v1

As for the third time I went down,
Black water swamping sky,
Just one thought span round and round
"Oh fuck I'm going to die!"

What else did you think I had on file?
Did you want romantic prose?
What use to me a baby's smile?
What use autumn rainbows?

But as my mind was chilled to sleep
By lullaby screams of death,
I glimpsed below an abyssal deep
And fought for final breath.

And though I was hooked from the sea
I know not how or why,
So now my friend you ask of me
"Did all your life flash by?"

Of course it did you bloody fool!
All my hopes and loves and fears
It went so fast, so very fast...
In just twenty-seven years.

Not actually v1 but the first I came close to finishing.

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