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I'm doing some things
That cause me some stress,
And give me a rep
Of being ruthless.

Fleur flirted - I flit;
Kate kissed me - I quit;
I dallied with Daisy,
Chicklet wild and crazy,
But I'm pretty lazy -
Say no more - that was it.

Summer lovin', happened so fast
Goin' on blind dates with Kath,
Kathryn, Katrine,
(Germanic drama queen)
Cathy, Kathleen
And Imelda - well, for a laugh.

I got so far with Sophie
At a party in Putney;
And then her friend Anya,
In the back of the car
I helped her lose her bra -
Which I kept as a trophy.

I had Jan during Feb,
April and May in my bed
(that was a squeeze -
Hardly room for Louise)
And our pictures of sleaze
Are now on the Web.

A woman never aloof,
Often earthy, uncouth
Didn't care much for glamour
Ma cherie, mon amour
But I misread the grammar
There was no truth in Ruth.

The things I do to revenge my distress
Now that I am completely Ruthless.

Playing about with names, nothing more. This is pretty much an intermediate version. Thanks to Ross Gurney-Randall for the original "I'm totally Ruthless" lament, Brighton, 1989. Apologies to anyone I know whose name provided inspiration - you should see what I cut out....

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